Are You Paying Too Much Council Tax? How To Check And Claim A Refund!

PPI declares monitoring companies have actually found a new money making rewriter via identifying residences which remain in the wrong council tax obligation band and also using to make a claim on their part.

These companies determine possible customers by seeking to see if any kind of houses on the exact same street pay more than their neighbors do.

They after that sales call the determined buildings and provide to make a case for a full reimbursement for all the years of over-payment, as well as get them a decrease on future council tax costs. This solution is generally around 30% of any money asserted.

One woman was lately spoken to by among these claims monitoring firms and discovered that she and her neighbor were both in a greater tax obligation band than the other residential or commercial properties on their street and might qualify for a complete refund.

She determined to employ the claims firm and as a result got an ₤ 800 refund! She paid the firm ₤ 300 as repayment for refining her case and also now pays ₤ 10 less council tax each month.

Her neighbor nevertheless made a decision to investigate exactly how she could declare the money herself as well as discovered the process was in reality not also complicated. She additionally procured a full reimbursement however maintained 100% of the money she claimed!

Exactly how does it all job?

Every home in the United Kingdom is assigned to a specific assessment band, referred to as council tax obligation which is managed by the Valuation Office Agency.

The cheapest bands are designated an ‘A’ rating increasing incrementally with one of the most expensive homes being appointed to the ‘I’ band.

For homes based in Scotland and also England the evaluation band is designated by what the building deserved in 1991, not what the residential property is valued in today’s market. If you reside in Wales your tax band is appointed using the market value price of 2003.

If you think you may be in the incorrect tax obligation band and as an outcome are paying also much council tax obligation, merely see what your neighbours are paying. If you discover there is a distinction in price yet a similarity in residential or commercial property then it could well be you are in for a reimbursement.

Check out ‘’ to see what band your neighbours have actually been designated, if indeed there is a distinction call an agent at the Valuation Office Agency as well as ask to investigate your claim. You will have to fill in documentation, but you can doing this yourself, you do not require a cases monitoring firm, implying you get to maintain 100% not just 70%.

You will normally need to wait as much as 30 days for your case to be examined, however if the Valuation Office Agency concurs that an error has actually been made then your band will be altered. To know more details on how to claim a refund in paying too much council tax, check out this link :

The solution is totally free, not just might you obtain a good lump sum yet you’ll also save on your future council tax obligation costs.

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