Digital marketing strategies and how to create them

Digital strategies exist in infinities because it is a creative component, however we have pre-established some strategic models and typologies of strategies.

When you have finished reading this post you will know that it is a strategy, the elements that compose it and how to start your own digital marketing strategy.

Types of Digital Marketing Strategies

The types of digital strategy I have organized for you in the following blogs, so you can delve into each one Wait! first you must read this blog so you have a clear view of the components of a strategy, then if you read the types of strategies Is it clear?

What is a marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy or marketing plan for many, is a set of well thought out actions that obey a method and have a sort of objectives to achieve.

Now, in the business world there are financial strategies, leadership strategies and so on but when we talk about marketing strategies we are referring especially to those actions that meet marketing objectives and not other corporate objectives.

In other words, in an Internet marketing strategy we are not interested in meeting human talent or logistical objectives.

Differences between plan and strategy

The marketing strategy and the marketing plan are complementary elements and as I said before for some it is the same.

The strategy defines the “what” we are going to achieve, looks at the objectives and the point where we will get from creativity, while the plan helps us to delimit the “how” to achieve those strategic objectives.

How to make a marketing plan or strategy?

This is what you really wanted to read! and I’m going to tell you in a practical way that you can easily achieve, here we go.

Analysis of the situation

To get started we need to define where we are and the way to achieve this is with a situational analysis. There are different tools for example a DOFA analysis which I recommend you to do, also a PEST study. These tools are very easy to find in Google or in my youtube channel which I recommend.

Objectives in the marketing strategy

This is the most important point. What is the objective of your strategy? What do you want to achieve? What has to happen so that you feel that you have achieved your goals? Well, this is what we call objectives. I recommend that those objectives be Smart: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Temporal (That have a time limit).

Target group research

Now what you need is to investigate and delimit your target group.

Our suggestion is that you don’t limit yourself to segmenting because the segmentation is basically demographic, instead you must cluster. Clustering is to group people by more descriptive and emotional variables such as tastes, preferences, reference groups or membership groups. In a cluster you can have people with different demographic variables but with the same tastes.

Creation of Sales Promise

A unique promise of sale is a phrase that summarizes in some way who your audience is, what problem they have and how they are solved in a unique way, I give you an example, my unique promise of sale could be “I help entrepreneurs to go higher” See? my audience is identified and I solve a problem.

Selection of communication channels

Now that you know your audience, you know your goals and you have a promise, let’s look for the channels that best lead me to them. In terms of digital marketing the channels would be: Social Networks, Email, Web Page, Search Engines, Applications etc.

Creation of a sales funnel

A sales funnel (I explain it easy) is a step by step in which you strategically define what to talk about at each point to move your customers further into your communication to get them to buy your product, but let me explain you with a graphic.

Defining the Investment Budget

Having this clear you need to define how much to invest in terms of advertisements and fees for the professionals who are going to intervene in the whole campaign, you must also consider administrative and production costs.

Metrics, monitoring and evaluation

Finally, don’t think about going out without defining metrics and a monitoring plan, in digital marketing strategies you can make adjustments very quickly so you must constantly measure the results.

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