Features of content marketing in real estate

Content marketing isn’t just a lazy one right now. Only those who speak are too lazy to act, not just talk. And in the sphere of real estate in Russia with high quality content is a problem at all.

Pampered by the possibilities of link promotion in Yandex, entrepreneurs order tons of “SEO-content”, often useless for the end user. That is why it is difficult for Yandex to get off the reference needle. And how else to rank equally useless pages?!

And if you look at the U.S. real estate sites, there is an active struggle for the visitor by providing him with really high-quality and engaging content. It is not that each real estate agency has its own blog, here every broker keeps a magazine, and sometimes a few, carefully describing each corner of the area, which specializes in.

Involving Marketing

The topic of content marketing is inextricably linked to the concept of so-called Inbound marketing, and sometimes these concepts are used as synonyms at all. Inbound is opposed to outbound marketing and has a synonym – Permission marketing (the term was coined by Seth Godin to counteract “interrupting marketing”, interruption marketing).

Interruptive marketing is a traditional advertising tool. They push away and irritate potential buyers, as they have hammered all the channels of communication with them.

Since these methods have the ability to acquire only a very short time of contact with the buyer (if at all can attract his attention), it is clear that they will be able to convey to the buyer only a limited amount of information about the product, not enough to engage the buyer in a dialogue.

Involving marketing is based on simple ideas. Provide the visitor with unique and really useful content, distribute it through social networks and buttons, thus increasing the level of confidence in the content, and then quietly and very carefully offer their products and services, turning the visitor into a leader, and then into a buyer.

But the most important thing is that involving marketing allows you to recruit a permanent audience, in particular – to form a list of voluntary subscribers, and keep its attention.

Preconditions for the development of content marketing in the real estate sector

Traditional advertising works less and less efficiently. Competition among country projects is only growing, buyers are less and less, and advertisers only rub their hands and raise prices.

Moreover, the potential buyer attracted in this way is still very “raw”, and you need to carefully process it, so as not to lose it, and turn it into a client.

Yandex’s refusal from link ranking by commercial requests in the Moscow region is only the first step to the transition to search algorithms aimed at identifying high-quality content.

Add to this a constantly growing staff of assessors and you will understand that in a year you will be on the outskirts of search engines with your SEO-content.

The cost of obtaining new customers is constantly growing. According to some reports, maintaining the base of old customers is 5 times cheaper than getting a new one. And it is very important for the real estate market, where the horizon of making a decision to buy or sell stretches for years.

And nobody thinks much about it. And this is not about the notorious CRM-systems with a call-collecting type “and you have not yet purchased a cottage? Can I offer you my services?

But about delivery of the existing base of clients really worthwhile content which they monitor in a convenient mode and will decide when to pass from the category “sleeping” in “actively looking for”.

Development of the blogosphere and growth of the level of trust in blogs. The blog is often written by its author, who manifests himself as a real professional on the pages of his magazine.

Potential real estate clients always have more desire to call a specific professional, whose background they have had the opportunity to get acquainted with through the blog, than just through the general phone of the company.

And in countryside real estate it is also important to get to the person who was really in the particular sold house. That’s why the post in the blog of the broker describing the cottage being sold using his own photo materials, will attract much more customers than just a page of the object in the database on the website of the company.

Content marketing instead of SEO

SEO’s already dying like a class. The focus is on content, and SEO is becoming a “self-contained” appendage of quality content, clean technology and nothing more.

Content marketer must and can learn the basic skills of SEO – the right choice of headings, prescribe meta-tags, make a minimum of internal linking.

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