To enhance the quality of life and morale of single Soldiers, increase Soldier retention and sustain readiness

Be the advocate for single Soldiers to ensure they have a Quality of Life commensurate with their service

What is Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS)

The Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS) Program supports the overall quality of single Soldiers’ lives. BOSS identifies real well-being issues and concerns by recommending improvements through the chain of command. BOSS encourages and assists single Soldiers in identifying and planning for recreational and leisure activities. Additionally, it gives single Soldiers the opportunity to participate in and contribute to their respective communities. 

BOSS Meetings

Meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of each month at 1 pm in Building 2000. These meetings are for all BOSS representatives at every level. Issues addressed during BOSS meetings will be submitted to seek resolution through the proper channels or staff agency. All BOSS members and interested Soldiers are welcome and encourage to attend. 

History of BOSS

The BOSS program was established in 1989 to respond to the recreational needs of single Soldiers, who make up 35% of the Army. As the program was implemented throughout the Army, it became evident that well-being was the primary concern of single Soldiers. In 1991, the Chief of Staff of the Army officially expanded BOSS to include all aspects of Soldiers' lives. BOSS members later began to express an interest in participating in community service projects. Recreation and leisure, well-being, and community service are the core components of the BOSS program.

BOSS Components

Quality of LifeThe BOSS program is designed to support the overall well being for single and unaccompanied Soldiers. Well being deals primarily with those things that can directly or indirectly influence the single Soldier's morale, living environment, or personal growth and development. Some of the issues addressed by BOSS councils includes dining facilities, education, recreation, fitness centers, Soldiers' quarters, medical and dental care, commissary, and Army Air Force Exchange Service. Well-being issues identified or raised during BOSS meetings are directed to the appropriate command or staff agency for resolution and resolved at the lowest level. In no way should BOSS be construed as a “by-pass” of leadership.Recreation and LeisureRecreation and leisure activities may be planned solely by the BOSS council or in conjunction with other MWR activities. Soldiers assume the primary role in planning BOSS events. Events planned by BOSS councils should meet the needs and desires of single Soldiers on the installations. BOSS councils have sponsored events such as Skydiving, Mall of America Trip, Cook-Outs, Snowtubing, and more.Community ServiceBOSS councils often elect to participate in community programs or projects, which make a difference in the lives of others, the community, and ultimately, them. BOSS members have volunteered to collect and donate winter coats to veterans, "adopt-a-highway" clean up program on Highway 21, and volunteer time at the U.S. Army Soldier Show and other MWR events. This component is voluntary in nature and must be in accordance with the installation volunteer program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does BOSS work?Installations establish a formal BOSS program, to include a BOSS council consisting of single Soldier representatives from installation units. The installation Command Sergeant Major serves as the senior military advisor to the council. An installation MWR advisor is appointed to provide guidance in planning activities, financial accountability, and marketing. Motivated single Soldiers with strong senior military and MWR guidance are the backbone of the BOSS program.Who can particpiate in BOSS?The BOSS program is designed primarily for single Soldiers and DoD Civilians. However, membership at Fort McCoy has been expanded to include Geographical Bachelor Soldiers and DoD civilians. Married personnel may attend meetings and volunteer, but may not be funded at BOSS events, unless at a large community event sponsored by BOSS.What is the Soldier's role in BOSS?The BOSS Council is comprised of single Soldiers from units on Fort McCoy. BOSS Councils meet regularly ensuring Soldiers concerns are met. Single Soldiers have an opportunity to be the unit representative, volunteer to assist in planning an event, or attend BOSS activities.